December 8, 2012

ACC Day 8: Starry Night

I super love this mani! For the Advent Calendar Challenge Day 8: Starry Night, I chose to use Essie Starry Starry Night.... just kidding! I wish I had the real thing, this is actually a franken using Essie Silver Bullions and Wet n Wild Nocturnal. It could probably use a few drops of black to be more dupey to SSN but in the meantime I love it, and i love that it's in an Essie bottle so I can pretend it's the real thing.

I knew I wanted to draw little twinkly stars on this mani, but remember I didn't have a silver polish for the Silver challenge? Well I forgot I had this... China Glaze OMG. So I used a striper brush to add some twinkly stars!

I wish I could've captured how sparkly this is. I messed up on the first star (on my pointer finger) it's kind of fat, but I love the rest. And guess what? We're 1/3rd the way through the Advent Calendar Challenge! Whoohoo!

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