Happy Hands Nail Polish

What is Happy Hands Nail Polish?

Happy Hands Nail Polish is an independently ran nail polish brand, created by me (Kristi) and I can't forget my husband, Nathan, who helps as well. With the indie polish scene booming right now, it was a great opportunity to share and express my creativity through my favorite hobby - nail polish! I love taking ideas and inspiration from things I love and know, and I hope that is apparent in every one of my polishes I create

How am I different?

I strive to make new, interesting color combinations you haven't seen before. I don't want to reinvent the wheel! But I want it to be something you'll love to wear. I also have listened to and read the complaints about the majority of the indie market, and I plan to avoid these flaws. I will aim to keep my shop stocked as much as possible, and to always restock at regular intervals. Nobody likes missing out on something they want, or being cartjacked! My only solution is to meet the demand of the customers (you!). I also put a lot of importance on customer service - you guys are the most important aspect of this business!

Where is it sold? How much?

Happy Hands polishes are currently available in our Etsy shop and through Harlow & Co. The shop restocks every Saturday at 5p.m. EST. They are $10 per bottle. Shipping varies; in the US, it's $2.00 for the first bottle, and .50 each additional bottle. For Canadians, it is $3.50 for the first bottle, and .50 each additional. Internationally, it is $6 for the first bottle, and $1 each additional bottle.

 Do you do custom listings?

I get asked this question a lot: the answer is no. As much as I want to please everyone, I find it in the best interest of Happy Hands to focus on keeping my shop well-stocked, so that custom listings are never needed. If I accept custom listings or orders, then I will spend too much time catering to those, and other customers may not have a chance at the polishes. I want to be fair to everyone :)

How can I find out more about current & upcoming collections?

Simple - our Facebook page, Twitter, and this blog! (Actually, see those icons on the left sidebar? All of those link to Happy Hands related media!) I usually post the same photos in every place (though this blog will have more nail swatches) but all of these will have sneak peeks, bottle pics, swatches, and announcements made to keep you up to date on the happenings of HH. I don't want you to miss a beat!

Also, here is a list of all of my polishes that I've created to be sold, so far:

Greetings From Florida Collection
-Afternoon Thunderstorms
-The Swamp
Flowers on the Highway

I've Made A Huge Mistake! Collection
-Banana Stand
-For British Eyes Only
-Illusions, Michael
-Tricks Are Something A Whore Does For Money... Or Candy
-I Just Blue Myself

Ready For Fall Collection
-Z for Zombies
-Danse Macabre
-Easy Bake Coven

Limited Edition (not guaranteed to be restocked at any time)

Feliz Navidad, 2 coats. From the Winter Collection

Any other questions or concerns? Please send me an email at [ haphaphappyhands @ gmail.com ] or send me a private message on Etsy.