December 8, 2012

ACC Day 7: Ornaments

Today's challenge was to be inspired by ornaments, and while I was excited to try this out I don't think I hit the mark. I decided to do 3ish coats of Julep Diane (a deep forest green jelly, but streaky formula). Then one thick coat of Seche Vite and dipped my fingers one at a time in some small beads! These I bought on eBay, a variety pack for just a few dollars from China. I mixed a tiny scoop of the red, green, silver, white and gold to have a Christmas-y mix. Some of the colors are too bright but I think really it just looks too much like sprinkles and not like tiny ornaments!

I decided to pose with my little gingerbread man ornament since I made a gingerbread house that night! (Target has some cute ornaments this year! I plan on doing a Christmas tree post to show all my cute ornaments I've collected this year). What do  you think, hit or miss? At least I finally tried the caviar mani but it wasn't really what I was going for! Oh well. And I'm finally caught up on my Advent Calendar Challenges!


  1. I love this mani!! Very cute! :)Your little gingerbread man is cute too haha I LOVE TARGET!

  2. any idea where i can still get some of those ornaments? I love the gingerbread man