December 7, 2012

ACC Day 6: White

Yes yes, I'm running a day behind! I'm trying to catch up my photo editing, though I'm up to date on the actual challenges. Here is day 6: white, which is 2 coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu with 1 coat of Crowstoes Bunny Slope.

I've worn this combo before, though these photos & my application this time is MUCH better. A lot of times with glittery polishes with a lot of small glitters, they can be difficult to apply so adding thinner is very important. By doing that, it made Bunny Slope super easy to apply (especially because I like the glitter to start at the same point that the base coat does, I don't like any gaps). So there you have it! Now I must work on my Day 7 photos and I'll be caught up!

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