December 21, 2012

ACC Day 19: Ugly Sweater

Yes, I skipped several days of the Advent Calendar Challenge! In all fairness, I did a craft fair last weekend (separate post coming!) and it messed everything up for the ACC. I wanted to stick to using only my own polishes and was so exhausted each night I didn't feel like redoing them.

So yesterday I jumped back in with... Ugly Sweater nails! I went a little bit literal. I know a lot of people hate this look but I have wanted to try it forever! Say hello to the "velvet" nails aka, ugly sweater-y nails!

Base color was Illamasqua Throb, then I did a coat of Seche Vite and scooped the red flocking powder on top, and tapped it lightly with my finger. It still sheds a bit for awhile, so this isn't a longterm mani. But I thought it looked pretty cool! What do you think?

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