December 21, 2012

ACC Day 20: Sweets & Candy

... or is it Candy & Sweets? Oh well, today's Advent Calendar Challenge is sweets & candy in some arrangement of words! I was so looking forward to this one, and I got to take a break from red and green manis! I am a bit angry that my topcoat smeared my artwork on my pointer finger, even though I let it dry for awhile. Let me show you:

The base color is Illamasqua Monogamous (a newer acquisition, and a smidge more pink in real life). I used a Sally Hansen nail strip on my ring finger, first time ever using one so it's not perfect. The glitter is Lynnderella Elf Assured, which I'm in love with! And lastly, the candy cane & peppermint art was done using a striping brush with FingerPaints Papier Mache (white) and Illamasqua Throb (red). Phew, that was a lot to type!
And want to know a secret?... I don't own any nail art brushes! I keep forgetting to go to Sally's and buy some, so any "striping" I do, I use the ONE black striper I have and wipe off the black polish, and then dip it in the color I do want to use. It works great! Usually I dab a few drops of polish on hand mirror (easy to clean) for dotting or this ghetto striping method, haha.
What do you think about my less-Christmasy mani? I loveeeeee it!

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