October 13, 2012

A Halloween-y Jelly Sammich

You may remember my mani the other day, posted here. Well, like I said in that post, I planned on freshening up my mani with another coat of Zoya Coraline for a jelly sandwich effect. And here it is, with about 1.5 coats of Coraline, and more Seche Vite, and some damn tipwear *sigh*

I do love the effect, and I now need more jellies in my life! I love how this is really kind of subtly Halloween. If only I'd break up with Seche Vite for shrinking my jellies...


  1. Zoya and Sche Vite don't get along. I always get (even worse) shrinkage from SV if I use it with a Zoya polish.

    I love this mani, love jellies! :)

    1. I was hoping that a coat of Gelous would help, though :/ I really just need to give in and order more of Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat, or some Poshe (which I've never tried, but the CN WF doesn't shrink!)

    2. I just tried the Cult Nails one for the first time. I also really like butter London's topcoat. And the cheap NYC one is really good, too!