September 13, 2012

Polish Revolution, again!

Yesterday I received 4 new polishes from my friend Lauryn, the genius behind Polish Revolution. A few names might be... NSFW, but, they're hilarious.
Polish Revolution - Puffy Taco
1 coat of Puffy Taco over Zoya Kristi
Okay, right to the punch - this is Puffy Taco. It's a gorgeous glitter topcoat, mostly pinks and reds but a few other colors to add depth and interest. This may also be a great polish for girls who lean towards warm colors, as a good way to inject some blue tones without clashing with your skintone! Shown with 1 coat of topcoat.

Handies in the Andes
3 coats of Handies in the Andes
This one's a bit more true to color, and shows the lovely iridescent glitter better!
Handies in the Andes is very hard to capture, but I did my best. It has soft white & iridescent glitters, that gives it a soft, refreshing, cool look to it. This would be a great "palette" cleanser, if you ask me. It does leave some VNL (visible nail line) even at 3 coats, but I find that acceptable; sometimes it's nice to have a wash of color & delicate glitter, though some may disagree. Shown with 1 coat of topcoat.

Glitter Herpes
1 coat of Glitter Herpes over Zoya Pinta
I think we've all experienced a little Glitter Herpes now and again... This is a mix of mostly blue & turquoise-teal, and purple glitters, as well as some more for interest (just like Puffy Taco). I couldn't decide a good polish to layer this over, but I think Pinta was a great choice. The possibilites are endless! Shown with 1 coat of topcoat.


1 coat of Vajazzle over Zoya Cynthia
 And last, but certainly not least - Vajazzle. This is the perfect rainbow polish, with so many sizes, shapes, and colors! I love it so hard. I can't think of anything more to say about it, I just love it! Shown with 1 coat of topcoat.

So there's the 4 new polishes from Polish Revolution, and she'll be posting them to her Etsy shop on Friday!

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