September 12, 2012

Darling Diva Polish Comparisons

When I read on Darling Diva Polish's Facebook page that the pigments used for her polishes like Ringer and Bitch Panties would be discontinued/hard to come by, I jumped on it and ordered them! 

This first comparison is DDP's Ringer vs. Max Factor Fantasy Fire, a known dupe for Clarins 230 (which I don't own). This one is very special because Fantasy Fire, Clarins 230, and most other dupes are hard to find or long discontinued. I am lucky to even own FF! The following swatches are 1 coat of the respective polish over 3 coats of Verity Deep Violet, a match made in heaven!

Bottle shots show the same range of duochrome; only affected by the shape of the bottle, squares show a much sharper shift than round.

With flash

To show the green shift
As  you can see, they are identical (at least to the naked eye). I would greatly suggest that anyone lemming Clarins 230 or Max Factor Fantasy Fire GO NOW and order Ringer before the price increases or it's gone!

Up next we have Darling Diva Polish's Bitch Panties (ha!) vs. Ozotic 534. I want to openly say I do not expect these to be dupes! I only own 534 out of the discontinued Ozotic Mish-Mash range, which are duochrome linear holographic polishes. This is simply for comparison's sake, in case you missed out on the Mish-Mashes and are looking for a suitable replacement.

with flash

You can see that the DDP is more gray-purple while the Ozotic is noticeably more purple based. (Also, please excuse the messy application! I spent the day swatching and this was the last, and worst!) Besides the overall color difference of purple vs. gray, I do find these more comparable than I had intended. The bottle shots demonstrate this best, as it's hard for my eyes to focus on the duochrome qualities with direct light. You can see they have an orange shift at the edges, which in my experience comes out to play in low-light, shady settings. I do think that DDP's Bitch Panties, while hilariously named, is also a suitable replacement to kill an Ozotic Mish-Mash lemming! I also suggest you do not hesitate, as the price may increase or it may be discontinued soon, according to DDP's Facebook.

Thanks for looking! And don't forget you can purchase Darling Diva Polish via her Etsy shop.

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