September 15, 2012

I Cast a Spell on You.....

Seriously, are you ready for Halloween? And all the awesome polishes that come with it? Well I was so excited this weekend when I went to Sally's to stock up on supplies, and they'd just gotten the Halloween 2012 collections from China Glaze and Orly! The manager let me check them out and I picked up this one from China Glaze.
China Glaze Cast a Spell
It's different than the green polishes that China Glaze has done the past 2 years, which were brighter, more yellow, and glittery! This actually reminds me of a green version of Midtown Magic from the Metro collection, last Fall. Here's a bad comparison photo:
Cast a Spell vs. Midtown Magic
See what I mean? And I absolutely love Midtown Magic, so I'm happy to have a green version of it! And they both are gorgeous colors for Fall. I passed on the rest of the China Glaze collection for Halloween, just because nothing felt  that special. I think indies will really rule the market for the holidays this year, since they'll be a lot more creative than mainstream brands, and also because we do glitter, better!

Look out for tomorrow's post which will feature the green glitter from Orly's Halloween collection!


  1. I found China Glaze's Halloween collection to be a total snoozefest! :( The indies definitely have it!

  2. I totally agree! But I couldn't pass up this green... ;)