April 13, 2012

Honeymoon Photos!

Of course I'm way behind on posting.. (not that anyone reads my blog :P) our wedding was April 1st, and it was perfect and beautiful! But I will give that it's own post when I get some pro pictures. In the meantime, here are some pics from our honeymoon in Savannah, GA.
(Some of these pics have been edited, of course.)

We stayed at the River Street Inn, which is a perfect location in the Historic District. It was a lovely hotel inside of what was formerly a cotton factory. It's located in between River & Bay Street (which street access from both sides) and because of the different levels and walkways built when it was a cotton factory, the Bay St. access is actually the 4th floor! My only complaint is that we didn't spend a lot of time on River Street, so next time we may stay at the Avia or something a little more west to be closer to City Market and that area.
N enjoyed the jets in the tub (and used my entire trial-size shampoo for bubbles!)

"Factor's Walk" this shows the multiple levels of the building. This is our hotel as well as some gift & wine shops.
N walking away from our hotel, facing Bay Street.

This Free Mason's Hall had my curiosity!
Our first day there (well, half-day) we walked around the historic district and got lost looking for the 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant. We were using the Google GPS thingy and it kept freezing or giving us the wrong location (in fact, it did this our whole stay in Savannah, N thinks it's because of the 4g coverage not playing nice). We passed a lot of really cool buildings and fell in love with the architecture!

Some random garden, lol!
I had a Restaurant.com certificate for $25 for the restaurant, though we still paid way more than we've ever paid for a meal (thanks to top-shelf Long Islands and Vodka Cranberries, lol!) But the food was delicious. We started with the Southern-style Caprese Salad (I think it's called) which was fried green tomatoes with mozzarella and basil and balsalmic reduction. It was yummy (N is in love with Caprese salads, so I knew he'd like this!) He had the filet mignon and I had the Boursin Chicken (sic?).

Gratuitous ring photo :)
Also  I want to throw a quick shout-out / mini-review to the Savannah Pedicab company we used (I assume this is the correct company/website since it's the only one I can find.) After dinner at the 17hundred90, they called them for us and Patrick was the one who came and picked us up. He was awesome! He even gave us his personal phone number to call him the next day when we needed a ride (he took us to our dinner destination the next night, too, and gave us a quick tour of Chippewa Square so we could find it later for our Ghost Tour.) He was fun to talk to and like a mini tour guide! And they work on tips, not fare, though we probably paid way more that way since N says he was "drunk and in love" and was just handing out money, haha!

N went to the top of a parking garage and took a few photos. This one has a miniature/tilt shift effect applied to it.
The next day we slept in (til 11am) and wandered some more, over to City Market where we bought some art (I'll share later in a separate post) and hit up Urban Outfitters (love that store, there are none near us!) to buy some vinyl records, we got Lana Del Rey and the Postal Service, and I got a nail polish and other little trinkets. That night, we ate at Jazz'd Tapas Bar, which was delicious. It was such a cool restaurant, decorated perfectly with a live jazz piano player (N enjoyed his renditions of rock songs).

After dinner, we refreshed at the hotel then headed to Chippewa Square to meet up with Tobias, the tour guide for the Blue Orb Tours company, we were taking the Zombies Tour (starts at 10pm). It was a lot of fun, and very interesting. For instance, did you know that Savannah has received a one-time EVER award for being the most haunted city in America? And Tobias gave us plenty of good reasons why.. he told great stories (or facts, whichever term you prefer) and who doesn't love a few good ghost stories? Next time around we will do the earlier Blue Orb tour, too!
Colonial Park Cemetery at night.
Mercer-Williams House at night.
The next day was our last day, and it ended up being rainy in the morning and COLD! Such a surprise. We checked out of our hotel and headed to Fort Jackson. N's uncle is good friends with the guy who runs the Old Fort Jackson, so we got a cool one-on-one tour with him to learn about the fort and the cannons and things. It was very interesting :)
At Old Fort Jackson
Of course we had to make a stop at Ulta since there aren't any near us, and I picked up a few nail polishes, but I'll post those another time... ;)

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