March 31, 2012

Flowers Are Here!

Today I received my flowers that I ordered from First I'll show you the pictures, then I'll clue you in on the awesome prices by buying in bulk from Sam's Club!
Baby's Breath, Mini Pink Carnations, Mini Green Hydrangea, White Hydrangea

Mini Green Hydrangea & White Hydrangea (hard to tell in this lighting)

Baby's Breath & Mini Pink Carnations

Baby's Breath & Mini Pink Carnations (with flash)

artsy macro shot?
First, let me comment on quality. I fully expected ugly, wilting flowers by the time I opened them. They were delivered early in the day, but due to a very stressful (and sad) morning I wasn't home to receive them so they sat in our apartment manager's office for a few hours. I brought them home, then had to go buy buckets to put them in... so another few hours passed by. By the time I opened them up to hydrate them, it had been probably 6 hours since they were delivered - but they looked perfectly fine! Just a little smooshed from being packed up. A few stems were brown at the bottom, but I just trimmed that off per the directions. My ONLY complaint is that only one box came with preservative, 3 packs of it, which I assumed was for just that box of flowers - nope, none of the others had any. Not sure who did that math when they were packing since I had 4 types of flowers anyway so I guess they just didn't pack it in each box by accident?

Now for price. Keep in mind that it's 10% markup if you don't have a Sam's Club membership, but I used a friend's account to order these and saved myself $20-something. Here is what my total for each flower was (including the tax per item, instead of total tax on the whole order):
Mini Green Hydrangeas - 40 stems: $81.88
Mini Pink Carnations - 100 stems: $46.88
White Hydrangea - 12 stems: $33.78
Baby's Breath (Gypsophilia)- 6 bunches (approx. 60 stems): 48.58
Total: $211.12 + $14.81 sales tax = $225.93

I fully expect this to be enough for what I need them for. I will use approx. 32 milk glass vases (mostly bud vases) for my table centerpieces, which leaves enough for one mini green hydrangea per table, and plenty of pink carnations. My bouquet will be 6 white hydrangeas, and my bridesmaids will have 3 white hydrangeas and 2-3 green mini hydrangeas per bouquet. The baby's breath will be used to make a swag / garland for the altar, and hopefully some left over for hair wreaths for my flower girls and for small sprigs inside of hanging mason jars. I will report back my final verdict after the wedding! I hope someone else interested in Sam's Club flowers will find this useful, since I had a hard time finding reviews online before I ordered.

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