March 15, 2012

Master Bedroom Inspiration

I have been plotting a makeover for our master bedroom for some time. Our living & dining rooms are fairly nice, with new furniture and decorated; but our bedroom has always been left out. N says it's because we never spend time in there, so what's the point? Well, if it was prettier, maybe we'd spend more time in there ;)

I've been brainstorming ideas for how I want to redecorate, so I'll share them here. All of this project will be funded by our tax refund, yay! However, I'm definitely struggling with the inspiration.. I know a few individual pieces that I want, but scouring the internet is not helping me find many photos to inspire me. I'm not even sure how to describe what I want! I did find this picture:
(from here)
I love the dark furniture with the geometric mirror (to add interest and shine) with neutral, romantic bedding. The key words that come to mind are romantic, masculine, dark, cozy, industrial. Doesn't make sense, right? Google agrees. I want something that is dark and romantic (who doesn't want romance in their bedroom!) and soft and inviting. A space to relax. N doesn't like white linens, and while I originally wanted white bedding, I think a charcoal gray could be very luxe. But  Iwant something with textural interest, like stitching or ruffles... well not ruffles, N would kill me!

First up, I know I definitely am getting the Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser:
color: black-brown
And for my night stand, I'll go with a silver helmer from Ikea for my pretties (nail polish, that is) since we won't have enough room for 2 night stands. And maybe this desk lamp from Hobby Lobby? (since our desk is in the bedroom):

The piece I'm struggling the most with is the bed. I know what I want - an iron / metal bed. They're the only ones that truly "call my name", and the price for them is usually very reasonable. But I'm having a hard time finding a balance between masculine & feminine. All of the ones I find seem to lean either way, not really in the middle. Everything else I'm going for is very masculine and dark,so I don't want a really boxy bed with straight lines, you know? but I feel if I go too feminine, it will cheapen the overall look and make it look juvenile. Not good. Though I think I've found a winner:
Glenrock bed by Wesley Allen
I pretty much know I'll end up with a bed by Wesley Allen, who seems to be a manufacturer with limitless iron bed designs. Everywhere from vintage inspired, feminine, abstract, masculine, childrens - and I keep coming back to this one. It's kind of everything I'm going for. And I just found it on this site for $377 for the complete bed! Though the prices tend to stay in the same ball park among different etailers.

As for bedding... Originally I loved a herringbone-stitched gray quilt from West Elm, but it's clearanced out now. I haven't found something I love for a good price. I'm thinking I'll go with this, from Amazon, because it's silver/gray and has the texture I want. My only concern is if it's too "satin" looking, and therefore cheap-looking.

Lush Decor Venetian Comforter Set
For window treatments, I DO know what I want: Velvet. I've been craving some velvet in my life.. but with a small child, it's just not feasible. He still spits up and makes messes, so I can't have velvet upholstered furniture (as if I could afford it) or bedding. So I will settle for this velvet-burnout fabric from Etsy, a mere $22.50/yard.
From Etsy seller FabricMart
Looks delicious, right? Yummm. And to go with it, probably the Vagen curtain rod set from Ikea. Oh, did I mention the nearest Ikea is 3 HOURS AWAY? So I'm planning every last thing I want to buy there! Let's hope it all fits in our HHR..

Well, I think that's enough "inspiration" aka brainstorming for now. Oh it's going to be an early morning, should've been sleeping instead of writing this! Oh well!

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