March 15, 2012

All I Talk About is This Stupid Wedding

I think you can tell where this is going...

With 2.5 weeks until my wedding, I can say: I can't wait for it to be over! I'm just having so much anxiety and stress and it's not worth it at this point. I feel selfish, but - when less than half of the people I invited are actually coming (and only a fraction of those RSVP'd, I had to track the rest down) it's frustrating! Not to mention my bridal shower can only be done on a weekday, since the MOH works only on weekends. So I'll have maybe 5 people at my shower. It's making me depressed. I'm trying to be positive, and not be selfish but it's hard when it feels like no one cares. I think this is the point where most people elope, lol!

Not to mention, at the beginning of this month, the money was NOT adding up. N's job has started restricting overtime, which results in a big chunk out of his paychecks. As soon as it feels like everything is falling apart, of course things start falling into place: we finally got the 1099 form we needed to file his taxes (though they will take til the 26th to receive), my dad & stepmom contributed some money that I'm so grateful for! I also received a missing paycheck from the job I quit 1.5 yrs ago, apparently I never received my last paycheck, lol! I had a blog sale which was way more successful than I imagined it would be, N and I sold some old devices we don't use (Droid Xs, broken iPad) to Gazelle for cash, and he finally received some travel expenses that his work had originally denied. I also suspended our DirecTV for the month to save us from paying that bill, and since we have Netflix streaming on our PS3 we don't miss it that much! Too bad we have a year left on our contract, so we can't cancel.

That was a lot to read, I know. Basically, thinks are looking up! The only expenses left are the remainder of the chairs I rented at the last minute, and renting the PA equipment. Oh and I have to purchase my undergarments and a few food-related things for the reception. My Mom and I are going shopping on Friday for that stuff, and then my shower is on Monday!

Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we get our tax refund in before the wedding day - if so, we're taking a nice 3 day honeymoon to Savannah, Georgia :) I love it there, but N has never been!

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