January 16, 2012

Wedding: Favor Tags & Task List

Can't believe it's been 10 days since I blogged last - I'm too lazy! Anyways, I've been working on more DIY and wedding related things. My most recent are these - the tags for my favors! I finally received them from VistaPrint. They are premium business cards (I made the design using Paint.NET, like I do for everything) and I knew I wanted to round the corners and punch holes. Later, when I make my chocolate lollipops for favors, I will use thin ribbon to tie them to the lollipops!
the business cards in their original form!
Using the "corner rounder" punch I bought for $5.19 on Amazon
What the "finished" tags look like!

I also recently made a trip to Hobby Lobby for a few supplies. Can I just pause for a moment and declare my undying love for the wonder that is Hobby Lobby?!?! Seriously. I walk in, and it's HUGE - and half the store is home decor (of the rustic, vintage-y variety) the other half is everything you'd ever need for any craft, at the cheapest prices! So glad that there's one nearby in Valdosta (well, an hour away, but that's about as close as the nearest Target, decent mall, and other large chain stores). Here's what I picked up there:

  • Small chalkboard for guest book "directions" (it's probably about 8x10 inches)
  • 2 wood plaques to paint & write "Bride" & "Groom" on for our chair signs (about 5x7 inches each)
  • Clear hair combs to make my birdcage veil
  • Easel for chalkboard
  • 2 packs of votive candles - the ones filled in glass holders
  • 1 sheet of green patterned scrapbook paper, used to make banner for birdcage card holder
I'll need to make a trip soon (preferably by myself, since the little one was being pretty grumpy during the shopping trip) to browse and get more inspiration! In the meantime, here's my task list which is expanded upon my original to-do list:
  • Paint chair signs
  • Gather remaining supplies & create veil
  • Woodburn cupcake topper & stain it
  • Gather remaining supplies & create cupcake stands
  • Finish gate banner
  • Get ideas for altar (pergola) decorations
  • Do hair trial (going with a cosmetologist friend on this one!)
  • Visit mansion & take notes - with Nathan!
  • Buy my accessories - shoes, jewelry
I think that's it for now! Plus, I'll be checking in soon with more projects, hopefully some non-wedding related things (nail polish? homemade baby food? who knows!) and of course at the end of the month for my list of completed wedding tasks!

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