January 17, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

I have been planning my Spring cleaning since mid December! You'd think it would be the last thing on my mind, while I'm in the midst of wedding planning - but I'm so excited to make some changes to our home to make my life easier & safer for the baby (who will be crawling within a couple of months)! Keep in mind, my "Spring cleaning" is not limited to organizing and actual cleaning - it is much, much more than that!


  • Rearrange living room for better "flow"
  • Throw out / donate old clothing
  • Update N & my wardrobe essentials
  • Get M a dresser & "cube" bookcase for storage
  • Organize / clean M's closet (again)
  • Get new dresser, bed, nightstands, & drapes for master bedroom
  • Install child safety locks on cabinets
  • Clean out fridge & kitchen pantry & cabinets
  • Get new bookcases & entry table for dining room
  • Magazine holders, CD/DVD boxes to organize
  • Under bed tubs for seasonal clothing storage
Yeah, let's hope I can get all of this accomplished! Thank God for tax refunds, right? But I will definitely keep the blog posted on my progress... or non-progress :D

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