January 18, 2012

When it rains... it pours

Also meant literally - it's a dull, rainy day outside.

My laptop has been on the fritz; it constantly tells me that a crash is imminent (its words, not mine), and yesterday it took a turn for the worse. It won't let me access certain folders or files, and they won't upload to the internet either. Luckily we've already got everything backed up on Mozy ($8 a month!) but it will still suck not having all the research I've done for the wedding, our pictures, at my fingertips. We do have an Ipad I can use, but it won't have all my files on it. I'm in the process of reading my important wedding-related documents and WRITING THEM into a folder. You know, pen and paper.

Also, last night the fiance's car broke down. He says the battery died and now it says that the engine is disabled; so we'll probably have to tow it and have them run diagnostics on it (first he's going to try a few tricks that he's heard/read about). Of course, we can't afford this til Friday when it's payday - again, *luckily* his manager and assistant manager live in the same apartment complex as we do, so he can hitch rides to work! It's only 1 minute drive from our apartment, anyways.

And hopefully last - our washer broke. Last week. So far the fiance has had to go to the laundromat or his parents to do a few loads (which pile up fast when you have a 6 month old who spits up ALL THE TIME). We went to Farmer's Furniture the other day and "bought" a new washer and dryer set! I suppose that is the silver lining. But of course now it's complicated without our car, and we have to go pick them up tomorrow (my sister is bringing her truck to help). Let's hope all of these other problems have easy solutions! Though I'm sure my laptop is hopeless until we can buy a new computer with our tax refund (a desktop, this time around).

In the meantime... I have been knee deep in purging our apartment of uneccessary junk...

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