December 29, 2011

DIY: Flower Girl Pomanders & Ribbon Flowers

I did a bit of DIYing this week! First I made ribbon flowers.

  • 12 yd. roll green ribbon
  • 12 yd. roll ivory ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • cardstock / thick paper
  • TOTAL COST: 1.97 per roll ribbon; $3.94
This was easy - all I did was follow this tutorial (hence why I did not make my own tutorial)! Total I made about 2 large flowers and 3 small flowers with each roll of ribbon (though the ivory was also used for the pomanders). I'll be using these flowers for the ring bearer pillow, and also making hair clips for me, the bridesmaids and flower girls.

Next up, are the pomanders I made!
  • 3 inch floral foam balls (2 of them, styrofoam would work too)
  • (2) packs green tissue paper for gift bags
  • Bobby pins (pack of 60)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • TOTAL COST: $3 foam balls; .97 tissue paper; $1 bobby pins. Per pomander: $4.47
I basically followed this tutorial, but instead of wire I used bobby pins. Why? I forgot to buy wire, and had an almost unused pack of bobby pins! Basically, you take your tissue paper, and cut it into 5"x7" square (roughly). Then take 4 sheets at a time, and fold them (together) accordian style. Then slide through bobby pin.

Then start separating the layers; pull up one layer on one side, then the other (so the edges overlap the previous one). 
Then dab some hot glue on the bottom of the flower & bobby pin, and insert into your pomander! And repeat over and over and over...
You can add the ribbon at any point really, but I'd suggest doing it first (so you don't get on a roll and forget!). It's easy - just take a strip of ribbon, and take the two ends and fold them each in half, and run through the bobby pin. Fold it back over itself, and hot glue, like this:

Also, quick suggestion - if you use floral foam, keep a rag handy! Everytime you touch it you'll get the "dust" on your hands, and it is itchy! Also, don't breathe it in. I remember that tip from art class :)
Finished Pomander!
It took awhile to make these - maybe four hours total, for the 2 pomanders and ribbon flowers? Also, my pomanders used EXACTLY one pack of tissue paper each, and half a pack of bobby pins each. Lucky I didn't run out of supplies! Now to buy more tulle to finish the 2nd flower girl tutu - then pics!

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