January 2, 2012

DIY Tutus and Ring Bearer Pillow

I'm making headway on my long list of DIY projects. I love having something crafty to do, and so far none of the projects have been too difficult or time consuming :)

I made white tulle tutus for the flower girls (my nieces) using a roll of Wilton white tulle (6in x 65yds) and elastic for each one. I used this tutorial, so I won't bore you to repeat it or steal her project :) here's my finished pics:
I tried them on the girls a couple days ago when they stayed the night at my house. They fit perfectly in the waist, but I will need to add more tulle to full it in a little bit.

And here's the ring bearer pillow, it's about 8x8 inches (it seems so tiny in person! but since Marshmallow will be 9 months old when he uses this, it'll be perfectly sized for him). I bought some burlap on Etsy, cut it into 10x10 squares. I used hem tape and ironed the 3 outside edges, then turned the pillow inside out, so seams were on the inside. Then I stuffed cotton balls inside, since I had those on hand and therefore "free"! I folded in the last side of the pillow with hem tape pinned between the layers, so the seam would be on the inside also. I also had to re-iron all the sides because I guess the thick burlap made it hard to melt all the hem tape. Now it's pretty secure for being a ring bearer pillow, but if it was for everyday use it's not very strong.

Then I just tied leftover white tulle around it, and hot-glued a couple of the ribbon flowers I made (from this post). I left some extra tulle hanging when I tied it so I can tie on some fake rings later.

Next on the agenda: my cake topper, Bride & Groom chair signs, guestbook sign, and a sign for the gate to the venue (and more, more things lol!)


  1. Yay! Thanks for using the tutorial I did on my blog. Wasn't it the easiest thing ever to do? You did a precious job! Love the pillow as well :)

  2. @Mandy: I'm flattered you read my post! hehe :) And yes the tutu was super easy, I was surprised!