December 7, 2011

DIY Clip Window Frame

So, as soon as I saw this on Pier 1's website for $28, I knew I could DIY it:

Mine did not turn out quite the same, and was somewhat of a pain. I found a frame (with no glass or back) at the local thrift store for $1. I spraypainted it a glossy brown that I had on-hand (though I'd prefer that it was matte). I bought a pack of mini clothespins at Michael's (not sure of price, though) & I later found them at Walmart in the office/desk supplies section, for about $1! And lastly, I bought a kit for about $1.50 at Walmart for picture-hanging - it includes wire, the hooks for the wire, and then hangers & nails.

Here's the fiance playing with my empty frame!
I asked the fiance to screw in the hooks on the back, since I have weak wrists (tendonitis). He only does ONE, and says it was too hard lol. So almost a month goes by with it sitting in the corner... til the night before Thanksgiving. I was bored. So at about midnight I get out the hammer and using a nail, make holes where I want the hooks to go. I just hammered in the nail about 1/8th an inch, then screwed the hook in. It was much easier with a hole already started. Here's the finished product, with a few pictures I found stashed away:

Not the best photo, or the best arrangement, but it looks much better now with our Christmas photos in it. I still need to paint the mini clothespins, but that will get done... eventually. :)

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