December 8, 2011

Our Christmas Cards

I was so excited to do our Christmas cards this year. It's one of those "family" things that I've always looked forward to.. and luckily we have a lot of people in our life who love our son.

Originally, I was going to order from Tiny Prints, because they have very cute options. I love the idea of ornament cards, like this:
But then I ended up getting a deal on Plum District (are you tired of me talking about that site yet?!) for $20 for $40 at Pear Tree Greetings. I'd never heard of them, but checked out their site and they had circle cards, too. So I used up more referral credits and snagged free cards.

The hardest part was, getting his Christmas photo! I knew a family photo would be too difficult, since our resident photographer (my sister-in-law) wouldn't be visiting soon. Plus, everyone loves looking at babies more than me & my fiance :P So, THREE DAYS in a row, I got Marshmallow dressed in his adorable Christmas sweater-vest and button up chambray shirt and khakis, and 2 of those days were utter failures. This was the best pic I got in his outfit, on Day 3 (with some editing in Paint.NET, of course):
Love it! It was the closest to a smile I could get that morning, of course. He's all smiles til someone grabs a camera! Anyways, I went with these cards on Pear Tree Greetings:
Shipping did not take very long; I ended up getting 32 cards (envelopes included) and a pack of 5 "Happy Birthday" note cards (since more than twice recently I've needed a birthday card last minute!) My total was $36 and change, out of my $40 voucher. Not bad!

 I knew I could DIY them to make them ornaments, so a quick trip to Walmart and I came home with a $.97 1-hole punch and $.47 for a 10 yd. roll of red ribbon. And voila, we have our Christmas card ornaments! I love them.
For some reason,the back of the cards is looking more pink than red. The product picture above is much more color accurate. Also, these are decently sized; I believe they're 5.5" diameter. The envelopes aren't white, more of a light natural color.
Pricing starts at $1.55 each, for 8; of course like most places, the per-piece price goes down as quantity goes up!

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