December 7, 2011

Wedding update

Here was my October to-do list for the wedding:

  • Gather e-mails; send Save-the-Dates
  • Finalize Guest List
  • Finalize Wedding Party
  • Start dieting!
  • Decide on Officiant
The guest list is essentially *finalized*. There just might be a few additions between now and when invites go out. It's hard to get the fiance to participate in planning because, well, he's not a planner. He's a doer. My mother also keeps insisting on inviting some people that I don't want to - she doesn't understand that I only want people there who I would a) enjoy having there, or b) feel bad that they weren't there.

Add to that, From the November-December list,
  • Order invitations and website cards
  • Start ordering decorations
  • Decide on favors
  • Try on dresses;  choose dress
I've started dieting, and since mid November have lost 15ish lbs (not sure how my scale compares to my doctor's, so don't know *exact* number). I was just going to "be happy with my weight" and buy a dress that fit my current body - so I went to David's Bridal with my mom and tried on dresses. I hated it. I liked maybe 1 out of 10, and only liked the top half. So I'd like to be down to a size 14 by New Year's, and try again. I'm currently a size 18, but nearly at a 16.

I've also had a lot more luck at collecting milk glass vases. I had almost given up, and was going to settle on something different for centerpieces, but then I started finding vases at local thrift stores! I've been finding maybe 3-5 a week, so I've amassed a decent collection so far. And I haven't paid more than $1-2 a piece. Score!

And for our favors, we're doing this. The candy molds are about $5 a piece on Amazon, and they ingredients (candy melts, lollipop sticks) are cheap as well. And I think they're cute :) The fiance wasn't on the same page at first, because he wants a *beard* not a mustache (since he is heavily bearded, lol) but I had to explain that no one makes beard molds!

More updates to come, and DIY projects & ideas.

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