December 13, 2011

Date Night.

The fiance and I had a date yesterday :)
It's funny how we aren't starving for time with each other. I guess because we're lucky enough to always have my Mom babysit, but there's plenty of times we go out with the baby and have just as much fun! But you can't really do that to see a movie - which we did.
It was an hour drive to Gainesville. Usually we go to Valdosta (also an hour, but better traffic) but we haven't eaten at BJ's Brewhouse in forever (their food is so freaking delicious.)
Our soundtrack for the drive
And of course, it was a crappy rainy day, so we couldn't stop anywhere to play with the new camera.
We went to the mall, where the fiance promptly ditched me to go secret Christmas shopping while I spent way too much time in Forever 21. None of their clothes fit me, and most aren't my style anymore anyways, but I can sure kill some time in there picking out nail polish & jewelry! I bought some earrings, a bangle, and 2 nail polishes. Then we went to Best Buy, PetSmart (bought Isabelle a new rubber ball), and Ross (where I found a metal tub that will be perfect for our wedding favors!)

And off to the movies. We watched "The Sitter", and it was pretty funny! I forget how much I enjoy Jonah Hill. Not to mention, I'm not totally excited for the new 21 Jump Street! As always, BJ's was delicious. I had the meatball appetizer, and the California Burger. When I was pregnant, we went to BJ's almost everytime we had to go to Gainesville for a midwife appointment, and I always ate that burger! It's so hard to find a restaurant that has avocados for their burgers when you live in the south.
The whole drive home, I tried to figure out how to take extended shutter release photos, to capture the lights from traffic, but I couldn't figure it out! And we totally rocked to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, too. I need to buy the movie before Marshmallow's old enough to watch it! It was always a Christmas tradition for me :)

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