December 14, 2011

And.... Felt Ornaments!

I am making damn sure I get my money's worth out of that pack of felt, haha! I suppose I'm starved for crafts, and the Christmas season is a great time of year to do them!

First, I made a dove ornament. He's white with a blue wing & button eye on one side, and on the other he has some lackluster stitching that reads "1st Christmas" to commemorate our Marshmallow's, well, first Christmas! He also has ribbon for legs and a ribbon loop for hanging.

Then I decided to do ornaments of our initials. Since we don't have a printer, to get them even and actually look like letters, I opened a Word document on my computer. I chose a font I liked (that was fat, but had clean lines) and set it to about size 450. Then I just laid a sheet of paper over my laptop screen (with laptop laying with the top down) and the light from the screen was bright enough to let me trace my letters perfectly.

They really weren't that hard, except trying to stuff them as I stitched. The easiest was the M, actually. I just used jumbo cotton balls that I pulled apart into halves, so that it wouldn't be lumpy. I'm very happy with them though! I think they're great "personal" ornaments that we'll love for years to come.

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