December 19, 2011

Dress Anxiety & Weight Loss

I am having massive dress anxiety right now. Or more like, don't-have-a-dress anxiety. I think I already mentioned that I went and tried on dresses, and that it was an utter failure. I decided that I'd feel more comfortable if I was a smaller size (I'm just not used to this post-baby body, and while I knew I wouldn't be the same size after Marshmallow was born, it's hard to adjust to your constantly changing body when you're pregnant!)

So I've been dieting, and as of today have lost 19.5lbs (yay!) and should be a size 16, by my body measurements (dropped down from an 18). So that's exciting, and while you'd think almost 20lbs would make a huge difference, it doesn't *feel* like a huge difference quite yet. I still just don't recognize this body that I have!

I knew I wanted to go dress shopping again after Christmas, and pray that I find something for a great price in-stock. Well, those dreams were crushed when David's Bridal emailed me their Spring 2012 alert! Ack! Does this mean the dresses I've been looking at, which are on-sale, will be gone soon?! So yeah, I can't take my time anymore! I was interested in 3 of the White by Vera Wang for David's Bridal dresses, but the nearest store is 1.5hr away, in Jacksonville. So I called the store, and they only have 2 of them - in a size 10 and 12. So to try them on, I will have to squeeze into much smaller sizes and hope I can get an accurate feel for how they will look on me! On top of that stress, they can't order the correct size for me (and even if they could, it's an 8-12 week time frame, and my wedding is about 14 weeks away!). BUT they are still in-stock in a size 14 on their website. So I'm going to have to go try them on, hope I like one of them, and hope that it's still in stock online!
These are the dresses I'm trying on!

My appointment is next Tuesday (Dec 27th) and until that day comes, I'm going to be a total wreck about this. At least if everything goes right and I can order online, it's only about a 10 day wait to receive the dress. But it's definitely going to take some shuffling around and planning our money since I hadn't expected to shell any out just yet! I feel bad about it, because I've been trying to plan this wedding without inconveniencing Nathan or making it hard on us (or our bank account), because of course he doesn't like the idea of spending money on the wedding (but he knows I'm very frugal and can get it done for little $$!).

So, wish me luck! And my stepmom & I are addressing my invites later this week, so at least that's another thing to cross off (ever-growing) list!


  1. Do you have a consignment shop nearby? That is how I acquired my wedding dress for $200. My dress was a sample. They had a wide range of sizes to try which helped ease the stress of finding a good fit.

  2. @Esmeralda, Thanks for the suggestion! I have been to most of the nearby ones recently, and they don't have many options - but now that you've made me think about it, I should check out some in the bigger cities nearby (since they'll probably have a better selection).