October 11, 2011

Wedding Invite Inspiration

I just ordered 3 free wedding invitation samples - at least I'm getting something done! Here are the ones I ordered:
Banner and Branches Invitations at Minted.com
Under the Tree Invitations from Minted.com
Vintage Ranch Invitations at Minted.com
The second one is my favorite, I think - I love the vintage feel of it with the banner, but the graphics feel very up-to-date. Originally the fiance and I had agreed on #3, (I think because it calls the groom handsome, haha) but the more I think about it, #2 is more fitting - since the reception will be underneath a huge oak tree. My only issue is that it only comes in pink, blue, and orange - but once I see it in person, if I like it I'll call Minted to see if I can get made in green, instead!

The hardest thing is finding invitations in my style, and price - we are not traditional people in the least, and N insisted on having something with visual interest (not just a patterned background or interesting font). Plus I wanted something with a vintage feel to be cohesive with the venue (the 1860's mansion) and the decor, which will have an antique feel. I was so happy to discover Minted.com, their prices are so reasonable ($96 for 25 invites, give or take a couple dollars depending on which design) with many options to personalize them (colors, back of invite, matching accessories/stationery, wrap-around labels). Here are some more of my favorite picks from their site:

I posted a lot more than you thought I would, huh? For the sake of not sounding like I'm an advertisement for Minted.com, I also considered WeddingPaperDivas.com, they also have great prices (I just couldn't find a design that I totally loved!) but here's a few of my faves from their site:

Wedding Paper Divas definitely has more selection of "traditional" invites. I think I'll end up going to them for my rehearsal dinner invites - I like their selection better, actually, and they have them a bit cheaper (surprising since their wedding invites are a little more expensive than Minted!)

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