October 17, 2011

Awesome Mail Day!

I have been so anxious all weekend - I lost my mailbox key last week, and had to wait til today to get a replacement. My mailbox was overflowing with goodies (more than I expected to be in today!)
First, I finally bought the Urban Decay Naked palette on Amazon for a pretty good deal of $38, though it didn't come with the mini eyeliners or primer potion, but that's okay since I got a great deal - technically I only paid $4 since the fiance won some gift cards at work.

I also received some awesome nail polishes, firstly and most exciting are the Lynnderellas! For those who don't know, these are handmade with love & a whole lot of glitter by Lynnderella and are generally difficult to get your hands on (the last time she took orders, the shop was only open for 10 minutes!) they are $12 a piece and worth every penny - I got my two thanks to a lovely lady who did a group order, since the minimum order is 5. I'm already wearing Very Pretty Vampire (it's sooooo glowy in person!) and will have NOTDs of them soon enough :)
I also received Wet n Wild Tangled in My Web and Behind Closed Doors, from the LE collection On the Prowl which has been impossible to find for a lot of people! Luckily I had a deal with another lady that whoever found them would buy some for the other person, and we'd just swap for other polishes in exchange :)
Though of course after searching HIGH AND LOW for that collection, in drugstores in my town, the town 30 mins away in either direction, and a town an hour away, and then her finding these for me - I found out last night I WON THE ENTIRE COLLECTION FROM NAILSANDRIFFS.COM ! I am so freaking happy about that - I'm one of those people that never win anything! And I love her NOTDs so please check her blog out!

And then I also received my invitation samples from Minted.com (code for 3 free samples is "3FREE") - they are so lovely in person. I still think my favorite is the Under the Tree design:

In other news, I finally hauled a bunch of clothes the other day from Old Navy - 12 items of clothing for about $105. They were having a huge 75% sale so I didn't pay more than $8 for a shirt. The only full-priced items I bought were jeans (I was willing to pay full price for any jeans that fit!) so for 2 pairs I spent about $50 - that means I got 11 shirts for a little over $50 (below are pictures of the ones I bought that I could find on OldNavy.com)

I know, how much longer could this post be? I promise I'm done now :)

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