October 20, 2011

50% off at Minted.com!

Thanks to someone posting on Makeup Alley, I've discovered that GiltCity.com has a deal for 50% off at Minted.com (either purchasing $50 for $100 voucher, or $100 for $200). This is awesome, since I was going to get my invites through them!

Here's the link for the deal.

I've emailed their customer service to see how long this deal will be offered, since I'm not ready yet to purchase it. If I do, this will make me so happy - so I won't have to DIY my RSVP cards to save $$ (I know, I know, I'm too cheap!)

EDITED TO ADD: Just received an email from Minted.com for 15% through Nov. 3 - coupon code is: LOVEBIRDS15 ! Seriously, such a good deal.

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