September 15, 2011

Storage Solution: Melmer

Today I bought a Melmer at Michael's, they were 50% off so it was $17.49. Pretty good deal. What is a Melmer? Well, I guess the name was coined by the nail polish community, the Helmer at Ikea is a very popular storage solution for nail polish. This is a *similar* solution, in that the drawers are the perfect height for nail polish, and since it's from Michael's it's called a Melmer. Fascinating, I know.

First, here's my nail polish stash before organizing:

And here is me organizing by brand:

The full drawer, exactly 80 polishes in there!

The 2nd drawer, with all the nail art / treatments, etc:

And the finished product, sitting pretty on top of my desk, with Glitter Owl keeping watch:

I know, such an exciting post. At least it was technically only *half* about nail polish. But this was a storage solution I desperately needed, and will come in handy as I go back to school since I still have an empty drawer for desk-like things (pens, paper, you know). Thanks for looking!

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