September 13, 2011

NOTDs: a fail & the past few days

I tried to do a jelly sandwich (sammich?) - which to those who don't know, is a coat (or 2) of a jelly nail polish, a coat of a glitter polish, and another coat of the jelly polish. It gives a cool look, not sure how to describe it (if you're a member of MakeUp Alley then just do a board search for pictures!

Anyways, this was my failed attempt:
The jelly polish is Revlon Just Tinted in Victorian, and the glitter is LA Girl Uninhibited (but from Forever 21, so it's relabeled under their Love & Beauty brand). Only the thumb has top coat.. and yeah... it looks like I have Oreo cookie crumbs all over my fingers. So I took it off and put on this:

That's Revlon Starry Pink (one of the new glitters that are in their core line.) The silver glitter just makes this so awesome - it looks like water droplets, so shiny and pretty.

And here's a NOTD from yesterday:
This is from Forever 21, it's called Safari. Not sure what it is under the LA Girls brand - Antiqued Gold from the Metals line? Maybe...

And here's the mani I did for the True Blood finale (so sad this season's over!):

This is with Zoya Kristi for the red, F21 Love & Beauty Charcoal for french tips, and white and black Art Deco nail art polishes.

This thumbnail was inspired by my Tarte for True Blood palette. I love it's design - but the color payoff in the eyeshadows is kind of, meh. Oh, and the eyeliner it comes with BURNED MY EYES AND HURT SO BAD. So I don't recommend it.


  1. Black glitter can be so tricky--it usually looks like I sprinkled pepper on my nails whenever I try it. :)

  2. @KarenD yes it definitely looks like pepper... & from far away it looks dirty :(