September 2, 2011

Go to Sleep!

It is nearing 4 a.m. and I think I have learned a valuable lesson...

It is very, very important to not let the baby sleep all day! I must try harder to keep him awake!

He is too much like me, I am such a night owl, I'd much rather be awake at night (when it's quiet and dark and peaceful) than during the day - but I know this is not good for a baby, he needs to be on a normal baby schedule  to make his life and mine easier! But can I help it he takes after me?

So I'm hoping that by writing this, I will remember this lesson in parenthood! Ughhhhhh. (he is currently asleep on my chest, but I know as soon as I go lay him in his crib he will wake up and give me that look, like "what do you think you're doing?"

So I'll leave you with some adorable pics of him smiling earlier:

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