August 31, 2011

To-Do List: Home

Maybe if I put this to-do list out here on the interwebz, I'll actually feel compelled to get things done! I'm including things I've already completed so I can brag about how little I've actually done:


Master Bedroom:

  • Paint dresser
  • Get parson's desk & chair
  • Get drapes / rod for window
  • Get 2nd side table (white parsons)
  • Make headboard

Marshmallow's Room:

  • Print photos
  • Get blackout drapes / rod
  • Frame ABC / 123 artwork
  • Get cube bookcase 
  • Organize closet
  • Make crib skirt

Living / Dining / Kitchen:

  • Hang large mirror
  • Print photos & arrange frames on wall
  • Find round coffee table

That's right people - I've only done 2 things that were on this list. We've been in this apartment for 2.5 months - though to my credit, we found out a week after we moved in that we HAD to have the baby in a week (instead of being due in a week, and probably going overdue 2 weeks) and I was on bedrest when we moved in. So I'd like to think I've done damn good so far :) I'll post projects as they get completed (IF, that is)!

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