September 2, 2011

DIY Kid's Artwork

So, I've been wanting to do "ABC" and "123" artwork for the baby's room, and I found a few cute things on Etsy but I'm cheap, and didn't want to pay for anything - and I wasn't satisfied with anything I made on my computer. Then I was at Michael's and found some cute scrapbook paper, so I got 2 sheets for .59/each. One sheet was just different colored polka dots, and perfectly matched the rest of his room. I cut it up and put it into frames I spraypainted white:

( click to enlarge photos(
So now I finally got around to using the other sheet, which had the alphabet and numbers on it. I also bought 2 black frames at Walmart for $5 each, I believe they were 11x14in. Here's a shot of my supplies:

It was fairly simple from there; I just disassembled the frames, and spraypainted them white (I had JUST enough left from painting the other frames) and cut out each square with the letters & numbers, then I arranged them on the faux photo in the frame to decide on my layout. Here's a couple in-progress shots:
I also used some gift-bag tissue paper I had on hand as the backer behind the cut-out letters & numbers (it happened to also be in the same color scheme as my scrapbook paper! the only problem is the wrinkles from where it was folded in the package, which annoys me.) After re-assembly, Here's the final product on Marshmallow's wall:

And that's it! So for less than $6 each, I have two very cute pieces of "art" for my son's room. I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for more cute scrapbook paper at Michael's for more art!

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