September 26, 2011

3 Months!

This is a project I wanted to do on the 24th of every month, to show Marshmallow's monthly growth for the first year of his life! When I'm with him everyday it's so hard to realize how much he really has grown - at this point he's probably doubled the weight he was when we left the hospital! (He was 9lb 1oz at birth, but dropped to about 7.5lbs when we left. He has to be at least 14lbs right now!)
September 24, 2011

He gave me such a hard time this month! I really wanted to capture him smiling for this month's photo, since it's been the biggest milestone during his 2nd month - smiling at us and little giggles! But of course, he scowled at the camera, like "why is this thing in my face??" And of course his Daddy was at work so I had no help this time!

I took this idea from my all-time fave blog, Young House Love, and the weekly photos they took/take of their daughter Clara (see it all compiled here.) Though their's is much prettier and pro-looking. Instead of weekly photos, which I knew I would screw up and forget, I'm doing monthly because it's easier to remember! And I'm using hand-made blankets for his backgrounds (alternating between the blue one made by my step-grandma, Remmie, and the green one made by my paternal grandma, Diane.)

It kind of frustrates me that I can never get the lighting the same in these photos... *sigh*

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