September 27, 2011

Sick Day.

Yes, I'm taking a Sick Day.
But... I'm a stay-at-home-mom. Luckily, the fiance is off today (& tomorrow) and has taken little Marshmallow to visit his grandparents in the next town over, so I'm getting a break - and hopefully won't get the baby sick. I just want to cuddle with him but I feel like I'm a walking germ and just touching him will infect him!
I hope this isn't strep throat, but.... it probably is.

They've been gone for 4 hours or so. I've eaten soup and my tummy is not satisfied! Why is it, when I'm sick, I want to eat the heaviest, most delicious foods? Then I can't feel guilty - because I don't feel good, and food makes me happy. ha.

I made a Pinterest account - and man, I'm lovin' it (but not as much as McDonald's nuggets - see what I just did there?) It's pretty awesome for someone like me who has a million folders on their computer for inspiration and a long list of bookmarks in Chrome, it just wrangles it all together in one place!

Well, Daddy & baby are home, do time to cuddle...

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