May 16, 2013

Happy Revolution: Project Badass

 As I'm sure you've heard by now, I have collaborated with Polish Revolution to create the Project Badass collection, inspired by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (one of the best TV shows, ever!) We call our collab Happy Revolution, and are happy to have perfectly combined our styles and logos to create this collection. Lauryn of PR and I are best friends, and it was so much fun working with her on this!

Rum Ham: Eating your drinks? That is genius! Get drunk at sea with this deliciously boozy polish. A pink jelly with copper, pink, brown, pineapple and cherry colored glitters.

The Nightman Cometh: Nightman, sneaky and mean; spider inside my dreams, I think I love you. You too can have sexy hands like Nightman, with this polish! A glitter topcoat with black, lime, gold, and white glitter.

Nightcrawlers: What is Nightcrawlers? Why, it's a game where you crawl around in the night like worms.. and this polish is perfect for the occasion, without ruining it with blankets. This is a wine-colored jelly with matte gray, silver, gunmetal, and burgundy glitters and red micro glitter.

Flip Flip Flipadelphia: For those moments when you're reigniting old rivalries or playing flip cup (or both). A gray jelly with red, gunmetal, and silver glitter.

Champion of the Sun: Dayman, fighter of the Nightman, champion of the sun, he's a master of karate and friendship for everyone. Wear this polish and you can be a champion of the sun, too! A sunny jelly with orange, gold, and yellow glitter with shimmer.

Kitten Mittens: Is your cat making too much noise all the time?... Think there's no answer? You're so stupid! There is! Kitten Mittens. An adorable white jelly with white, black, bubblegum, and baby blue glitters.

Aluminum Monster: You can wear this polish under your prom dress, or let it shine on it's own in all of it's glory! A black jelly with teal shimmer and holographic teal, gold, and silver glitter.

GreenMan: Wearing this green polish will help you get through some hard times, and to party in style! A bright green jelly with neon green and lime iridescent glitters.

There you have it, the complete Project Badass Collection from the Happy Revolution collaboration! All of these polishes are available in both of my shops (Etsy and Big Cartel) as well as Polish Revolution's shop.


  1. My bottle of Aluminum Monster just arrived and I'm in loooove! You made a polish that was a dream of mine - black jelly with teal glitter!! <3 xoxo

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it. It's seriously one of my favs from this collection, that teal shimmer just kills me! And I know how you feel about it :P

    2. It's just so gorgeous! Can't wait to wear it! Yes I do, fellow teal enthusiast, haha! :)