November 15, 2012

Winter Collection Swatches Pt. 2

I showed you two of the polishes from my Winter Collection in this post. Now let me show you the two blues! The Winter Collection is due for release on Dec. 1st. These aren't traditional red-and-green polishes for this holiday season but they still have a lovely, blingy quality to celebrate with! I am so excited about this collection, I've been slowly leaking sneak peeks all over the internet (such as Instagram and Facebook). I separated these into different posts so that my new nail shape wouldn't be distracting!

First up, we have Silent Night. This is a dark blue jelly filled with turquoise glitters (squares!) as well as green  flakes. Though, honestly, this polish is so sparkly that your eyes can't distinguish what all is in it! This one is very hard to photograph because it's so shiny my camera can't focus on it. That's a good thing, I swear!
3 coats of Silent Night
**UPDATE: This is not the version of What's This? that will be sold. I have completely changed the formula, which can be seen here.
Now, I'll show you What's This? I have been cooking this polish since July! It was my first inspiration for my winter collection, I wanted a sky blue, snowy polish with lots of sparkle. I definitely got it! This is a milky sky blue polish with winter white snowflakes (aka, glitter!) and small iridescent glitters & aqua shimmer. It's beautiful and snowy! These swatches are 3 coats. I'll warn you, this is a fairly difficult polish to apply; it may be best layered over a white or similar shade of blue. Or even one coat over a french mani for a little bit of snowy sparkle!

Well, that finishes up the nail swatches for my Winter Collection! Remember, these polishes will be released on December 1st at 5pm EST in my Etsy shop. 

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