November 16, 2012

Golden Rules!

So, I changed my nail shape! I had a break on my pointer finger and decided to go square. Of course that means a few of my nails are shorter than I'd like, which makes this shape a little unflattering. I'm hoping once they grow out a bit I will like it.

Anyways, so I purchased the gold version of Color Club Winter Affair at Sally's last weekend, it's a scented gold foil that smells like vanilla! But it's not overwhelming so I like it. It's a great shade of gold, and applied easily with minimal brush strokes or clumping thanks to a ridge filler base coat. I layered Lynnderella Golden Rules over it and I think I like it!

ignore my cuticles! I flooded it with SV

with flash

My only complaint with this mani is that the small gold glitter in Golden Rules makes it look like bubbles or imperfections over the gold foil. But otherwise, this is a super blingy mani and I do like it!

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