November 22, 2012

Being Thankful.

Today is Thanksgiving, a time when you should reflect on the things in your life that you are thankful for.. and despite being up all night preparing for today's dinner,I have some things to share!

I am thankful for my amazing, smart, beautiful, funny little boy. Mooshy is almost 1.5yrs old, and everyday he learns something new and develops more of a personality. He laughs at things, he points at things, he can fake cry and he finally gives hugs and kisses. He is more than I ever thought he could be, I truly love him and my life would be nothing without him.

Second, I am thankful for my husband.. because let's be honest, my kid is way cuter! Haha. He is a great man, he cares for me and provides for our family, and he truly loves me as much as I love him. We have both grown together so much. He is my best friend and I couldn't live without him, either.

My family, and all the things they've taught me and protected me, and loved me. I love them and I love having a big (drama-filled) family. I'm sad I won't spend Thanksgiving with all of them, but I think one year doing it on our own will be okay!

My friends. Especially the ones I've made in the nail community, who have become such close, best friends for me. It's funny how something as simple as nail polish can open a world of similar interests, jokes, dislikes, and more. To think that I connected with someone enough to fly 1200 miles to Colorado to spend 4 days hanging out with her, is crazy! But it's awesome.

My Happy Hands Nail Polish customers, and everything they give me. You know I hit 1000 Etsy sales last week?! It's crazy to think that people have wanted over ONE THOUSAND bottles of polish that I MADE! I've lived my life jumping from hobby to hobby, never quite finding something I loved until now. It was a perfect storm of loving to paint my nails, and a love of glitter, and a need for a creative outlet.. and also to connect with people. I've gotten some funny, cute, sweet messages from you guys and made some awesome friends thanks to Happy Hands. And everytime I see my polishes on my favorite bloggers' nails, I have such a hand-flailing fan-girl moment! This is a crazy ride and I plan to be in it as long as you'll buy my polishes. To know that I am making something that someone else will *love* makes me so thankful that I took this risk.

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