October 18, 2012

Let Me Fly

Today I'm showing you Cult Nails Let Me Fly, a polish that surprised me and I've fallen in love with. In the bottle, I thought it looked kind of dusty blue, but after wearing it I've changed my mind.. it's actually quite saturated, leaning teal. It's also a one-coater (though I wore 2 out of habit/preference.)

The second photo is more color accurate, but I love the way the flecks look in both photos, so I am showing you both. Maybe there is a bit of dusty-ness in there, but this color is so vibrant somehow! I was unsure how my skin would look with it (I'm learning that dusty colors aren't always flattering) but again, I was so so wrong about this one. It is gorgeous. And as always from Cult Nails, the formula is fantastic! 

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous teal polish! Love the glint of shimmer in it!