October 16, 2012

Happy Hands Nail Polish, 2.0!

Today I have some very exciting news... Happy Hands Nail Polish will now have a completely new image! What does that mean? Well, how do you feel about this:


For British Eyes Only

I am excited to announce that this is what the new bottles will look like. I wanted square bottles, because they fit nicely together and take up less room (while still holding 15mL of product). They are not too tall, however, and are a smidge taller than A England bottles but a bit shorter than Orly, FingerPaints, etc. and therefore still fit perfectly in Helmers and Melmers! The best improvement is that the new bottles come with a  wider brush for better application. Don't be alarmed though - these brushes are still thinner than some of the annoying paddle brushes like Sinful and Sally Hansen. I will try to post some comparisons by next week!

As for the labels, I wanted something that still gave a handmade, indie feel but looked nicer than the labels I used before. I am absolutely in love with these Kraft labels and feel they perfectly fit with the Happy Hands Nail Polish brand, don't you? And a special thanks to my good friend Dani for helping me create these labels as well as a few other graphics you'll see on the Etsy page and my business cards.

Motherboy, Banana Stand, For British Eyes Only

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 Above, you can see how the bottles are now labelled for each color. Much less bulky, don't you think?
Greetings From Florida Collection: Springs, Afternoon Thunderstorms, The Swamp, Flowers on the Highway
 Along with this new look, I am finding that I will need to raise the prices a bit. I wish it's something I didn't have to do because I love having a lower price point in the indie market, but I also need to be able to continue to offer new collections and to expand! The new price point will be $10 per bottle, and this price increase will occur with the sale of the new bottles. I hope that you will continue to find my polishes worth the price, especially now that I've upgraded to a better-looking, more appealing product!

As I announced on Facebook, the shop will not be restocked this weekend (Oct. 20th) because I will be out of town visiting a friend, but beginning Oct. 27 the shop will be stocked with the new bottles and with the new $10 price. Also, I will be updating the Happy Hands Nail Polish page on my blog to reflect this new information.

I hope you are all as excited as I am! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment on this blog post, send me a message via Etsy, or contact me at [ haphaphappyhands@gmail.com ] Thanks for the support!


  1. The bottles and labels are awesome!! Love the labels especially, they're so "you"!! :) Congratulations on your next step!

    1. Thankyou! <3 I really appreciate it and I definitely feel like the new look is much better suited to myself & my polishes!

  2. Love the new bottles & labels!! I've had a few of your polishes on my wishlist for what feels like foreverrr waiting to get off a no-buy, and now I'm a little excited I've held off, totally love the new look!

    1. Thanks JackieJo! I'm glad you like them, and glad I could tempt you more :P I'm on a no-buy as well but I've been cheating the whole time, haha!