October 11, 2012

Bath & Body Works Candle Sale!

I've recently found myself obsessed with home scents. Ever since I bought an oil/wax warmer at Walmart, and several wax cubes, I've been hooked. See, I've always been disappointed by how little I can smell a burning candle. The wax warmer definitely disperses the scent throughout the house, and also seems to conserve wax!

I'm off topic...(though I may have to do a scents post, soon!) Anyways, I wanted to tell you about this sale happening this weekend:

This is at Bath & Body Works. I recently bought a candle in Fireside from them, and I am OBSESSED. It literally smells like a burning, crackling fire - bonfire, fireplace, you name it. That warm, ashy, cozy smell without the smoke. I hate smoke. Though like I mentioned above, candles never seem to fill the room with fragrance for me, so I ended up pouring some of the melted wax into my warmer, and OH MY. It's amazing.  I know Marshmallow Fireside gets a lot of hype and love, and while it does smell great - Fireside is even more amazing. I think I may actually go back and stock up on some of the 2 for $5 mini candles, to use for wax for my warmer. But if you are satisfied with the amount of scent that a candle can disperse, please please hit up this sale!

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