September 19, 2012


Today, in a few hours, I will be getting my hair cut. First, let me show you my current hair. I had it cut into a cute, slightly longer than jaw length bob but with a little layering and also thinning (I have thin hair, but lots of it, and it was amazing the difference it made to have it thinned! So much more manageable!) but it's grown out, and starting to get weighed down again. The first photo is how I usually part it (messily to the opposite side of my actual part, for volume) or with a headband.

Goodbye, old hair cut! I had actually wanted to get a shorter style but my hairstylist & I were hesitant to cut any shorter, as it was a big change for me. But I've still longed to try out... a pixie cut. Yeah, crazy, right? I mean, it takes a lot of courage to do that, and it's taken me a year or more to build up that courage, haha! So here's some of my inspiration that I'll be showing to my hairdresser (not the same one - she's not had as much practice so she referred me to a friend of hers who is amazing!)

My first hair inspiration is Ginnifer Goodwin. It suits her so well.. she can look completely badass and and chic with it, or sweet and nice (Mary Margaret, anyone?) She has a wider jaw/face shape, as do I, and considering this hairstyle fits her so well and looks amazing, it was my turning point to realize that I may not look terrible with it (I thought it only suited heart-shaped and skinny/long face shapes). Also, she's awesome!

Also, I love this hair on Michelle Williams. Though now I'm thinking the back layers are a bit long (I noticed she has it bobby-pinned back) but I want to find a happy medium between this length in the back, and the photos of Ginnifer Goodwin. I really think long bangs will be the best for my face, it kind of softens the look of a pixie cut! Don't you agree?

 I should mention that my hair color won't be changing. At least not for now (only one shock to my system at a time, please!). Also, I know a common disappointment is that the haircut won't look the "same" on me as the celebs or models in inspiration photos - and I realize that. Obviously I won't be insanely gorgeous and beautiful just from a haircut! And I hope I've picked the right inspiration to convey what I'm wanting.

I'm very nervous, and hopefully I like it and don't have to hide all Fall & Winter. My reasoning is that if I do hate it, I can wear cute knitted hats and beanies for the rest of the year & Winter! Haha.

(unfortunately I don't have image credits.. I used Google Images and saved to my computer. Contact me if any photo belongs to you and you'd like credit!)

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