August 25, 2012

Polish Revolution Swatches

Are you ready for some crappy swatches? Seriously, I'm so disappointed in these photos. I had a swatch fest during my son's nap yesterday and... I didn't do as great as I thought I did. But I'll share anyways! All of these polishes are from Polish Revolution on Etsy, created by my good friend Lauryn! I didn't get a chance to swatch all of them, sorry about that, and apparently my NOTD of Vegan Zombie has gone missing from my computer! >.<

A Better Tomorrow: 1.5 coats over 2 coats of Cult Nails Untamed
 I am not a big fan of pinks. BUT. I am a fan of this! It reminds me of cake batter or something... some sweet confection that I would nom all day long. I took the easy route and layered this one over CN Untamed, because I wanted a more sparse glitter look.
Underground Movement: 3 coats - this polish is not really blurple.

Underground Movement: 3 coats - this is a more color-accurate photo
 This is such an awesome polish. It has such an awesome squishy jelliness at 3 coats. The holo glitters just sparkle and I love the choice of glitters in this. Those squares! I die. Lauryn does square glitter justice, that's for sure. Like I said above, the 2nd photo is more color-accurate, it leans blurple in photos but it's definitely purple!
Oh My Goth: 3 coats. I nudged the middle finger :(
This one surprised me when I was swatching it - the first coat is very sheer, and the 2nd coat builds up almost to opaqueness! It's so weird how some polishes do that. I wanted to layer this one so that I wouldn't hide the black heart glitters (as you can see in this photo) but I only have 2 grays, and the one I wanted to use (China Glaze Recycle) has gone missing!

Coffeeshop Politics: 1 coat over Essie Sand Tropez, 2 coats
Something about this polish does totally remind me of coffee. Is that weird? Cause the glitters are totally rose-gold. It's so shiny, and sparkly, and seems to have small holo particles in it, in addition to the larger holo glitters. this is a great layering polish, I especially love it over a nude polish!
Comfortably Numb: 3 coats (this was a special one just for me and is not for sale in her shop currently)
I hate to rub it in but this is a special polish that Lauryn made for me, and I am in love! It's called Comfortably Numb (inside joke!) and is such a lovely mint with shimmer, and various glitters. It's so cool and refreshing (is that cheesy enough for you?! haha)
I do hope you don't hold my terrible swatches against Lauryn's beautiful polishes! All of these applied easily, the only issues were typical of any glitter polish (indie or not) and also my subpar swatching skills! Polish Revolution polishes are $9 each and sold on her Etsy page. Lauryn also seems to restock frequently (and ship quickly too!)

**these polishes were NOT sent to me for review; in fact Lauryn has no clue I'm posting this :) 


  1. Pretty pretty! I really like Underground Movement!

    1. Thankyou! and yes, me too! It's so squishy and sparkly.

  2. I love Oh My Goth! That is on the top of my list to buy along with Vegan Zombie! Too bad your picture went missing lol =P

    1. I found it! It was mis-organized... I'll post it soon.