August 20, 2012

Lynnderella Sweet Somethings For A Summer Solstice Bottle Pics & Comps

I think that is the longest title I've had for a post! >.<
Anyways, I have for you pictures of the new Lynnderella collection, which can only be bought through eBay seller lynnderella-lynnderella. I don't want to discuss anything besides these lovely polishes. I know there's not a lot of resources for photos of these, let alone comparisons, so I did my best  to compare with other polishes in my stash. Keep in mind, you can click these photos to enlarge them for more detail!

Common Sense, Kabbalah Bracelet, Glass Houses, Golden Rules, A Neutral Party
Please note: the purple glitter in Glass Houses appears to be the same glitter that's found in Bride of Franken.

I Don't Mean Rhinestones, When the Moon Was A Star, Deep Blue Seeing, Salad Days

Connect the Dots (new), 50 Shades of May-be, Inner Space, Pentimento, The Garden of Even

I want to apologize in advance for the somewhat blurry photos (not all, but a few). My camera was not cooperating, and it's rainy this week so I won't be able to take proper pictures again.
Common Sense

Kabbalah Bracelet

Glass Houses

Golden Rules
A Neutral Party

I Don't Mean Rhinestones

When the Moon Was a Star

Deep Blue Seeing

Salad Days
50 Shades of May-be

Connect the Dots (new)

Inner Space


The Garden of Even
And now for a few bottle comparisons.
Lynnderella Thank Blue vs. I Don't Mean Rhinestones. IDMR is more turquoise leaning teal; Thank Blue is more blue leaning turquoise. IDMR Also has mostly fine glitter, and diamond shapes.

Lynnderella the Bunny Code vs. Salad Days vs. She Lived in a Swamp. To show the different shades of green and size of glitters.

Connect the Dots (old) vs. Connect the Dots (new)

Connect the Dots (old) vs Connect the Dots (new)
 A quick note about Connect the Dots. As you can see in the photos, the shimmer in old CtD is finer and has more of it; the new CtD has larger particles, and more sparse. It's very beautiful in person. The glitter assortment seems comparable. My old CtD in these photos are from 2 months ago.
Connect the Dots (older) vs. old vs. new
 This fat round bottle of CtD is from the Early Halloween 2011, 2nd sale I believe. You can see the newer ones have smaller glitter, and less black. Shimmer in the older looks more sparse.

I Don't Mean Rhinestones vs. When the Moon Was a Star vs. Deep Blue Seeing
 Meant to show the different shades of blue in these polishes.

Connect the Dots (new) vs. 50 Shades of May-be
 50 Shades of May-be was the hardest to comprehend before now. You can tell it has mostly squares, in silver and gunmetal, and also a few very large white & black squares. It is very beautiful in person, and I think it's different enough from CtD to justify owning both.

Sonoma Nail Art Tallulah vs. Common Sense
 I mentioned in a previous post that I thought these would be dupes**. They are close, mostly in the sense that they both have an overall rose-gold look to them, and that is very unique when it comes to indie polishes. However, Tallulah has a softer look with more orange-y and gold pieces, and rose-gold glitter. Common Sense has more magenta and coppery glitters. I prefer Tallulah.

Inner Space vs. Pentimento
These 2 I struggled with before I had them; I couldn't tell the difference. In person, you can see a huge difference. Inner Space has equal amounts of white & black glitter. Pentimento has very little black glitter, and more of an overall white & magenta feel to it, while Inner Space has a more black, white, red feel to it. I love Pentimento, I could take or leave Inner Space. I do not own Pahlish's Great Wide Open, but it seems to be dupey** to Pentimento, according to Polish All Day.

So there you have it. I apologize for such a picture heavy post, but I hope this is helpful to anyone who can't decide whether to pull the trigger on these polishes, or maybe to help you decide you don't want them.

**I want to clarify that by "dupes" I do not mean that one is intentionally duping the other; I only mean dupe in the since of "indentical" or rather, with indies, "comparable." (As it is impossible to really perfectly duplicate 2 indie polishes, because the glitters tend to be very complex). In both cases the dupes were created before these Lynnderellas.


  1. Ooooh, totally drooling over IDMR! Be still my teal loving heart! :). Sadly, I'll never get my hands on it. How on earth did you get ALL these?!

    1. It is so gorgeous in person! As for how I got these... let's just say it takes a very quick hand (I actually tried a couple times but couldn't, until I finally upgraded my internet! I was surviving on just 3mbps before!) They're definitely not cheap but I split the set between some friends, since we didn't all want the whole set! :)