August 15, 2012

I bought a new purse!

You guys may have noticed that I'm in love with Fossil... I mean, I've only mentioned them here & here. Well, for awhile now I've been lusting after a leather purse from them. Sure, they're not the most expensive brand, but they are totally my style! My favorite was the Explorer Flap bag. Particularly in Peacock Blue... oh, blue leather! I die. So I was extremely heartbroken a couple weeks ago to find that it was gone! No longer on their website! They only had the metallic and Russet colors available. I wasn't sure if it was out of stock, or discontinued since they had just released their Fall collection. I even searched eBay and Amazon, but could not find it in Peacock Blue.

Well, last week I took Moosh to Valdosta to get out of the house, and one of our stops was Belk. Belk is a department store, I believe it's only in the South US. (But they have a MAC counter, yay!) Anyways, I happened to find ONE lone Explorer Flap bag in PEACOCK BLUE behind a bunch of other bags!

 The best part? It was on sale! On clearance (so I  was right, they're being discontinued!) Normally this bag is $198, but Belk had it marked down to $147 (and some change). The SA also had a coupon for $20 off, so after tax the total was $135! What a great deal, right?

Of course, after I bought it and came home, now it's listed on Fossil's site again, so maybe it was just out of stock, but oh well, because I got such a great deal on it. I love it, I love the smell of it, the color, the compartments - it's awesome! My first leather handbag, not too bad, right?

Oh and here's a quick picture of some recent dresses I've bought - can you tell I'm loving patterns lately?
Old Navy - Gap Outlet - Gap Outlet


  1. i looove fossil bags too and i adore this one... may need it next bag splurge. gorgeous!

    1. Do it! (I'm a great enabler! haha)though I keep buying blue clothing too, so now I NEED a brown or black one to be more neutral.. I'm great at excuses, right?!

  2. It's gorgeous! And those dresses are adorable!