August 10, 2012

Black Nail Polish.

You know, it's been ages since I've actually worn black nail polish? Sure, I've used it for layering (and I pull out Cult Nails Nevermore almost daily for nail wheel swatches!0 But I can't remember the last time I wore a black and actually WORE it for a day!

This is A England Lancelot, which I picked up during their recent sale. It's supposed to be a blackened red, I think? But it's definitely not.. it's a one-coat black. When you clean up, you can tell it's definitely a dark dark red, but that's the only time. I love the look of black nail polish, for sure! It seems to brighten & lighten my cuticles and fingers (and believe it or not, I like to look pale! I take pride in being pasty).

Oh and next week I will be doing a series of stash spam! So yep, you'll get to see my entire stash! Aren't you excited? I'll also have a few extra posts of non-nail polish stuff, but you can deal with it :)


  1. I love that color on your nails. I wonder if I could pull it off?!

    1. Of course you can! ANYONE can pull off black nail polish!