July 15, 2012

Let's Talk Beauty Event

So, on the 13th a friend & I drove 3 hrs to the Let's Talk Beauty Event on Orlando, featuring Cult Nails, Phyrra (.net), Let Them Have Polish, Chronicle Stones, Lipstick Mixtapes, and one more I'm forgetting. Now, I'm a lazy blogger, but I wanted to attend because I am a huge fan of Cult Nails and figured it could be fun and interesting to learn more about their businesses/blogs. 

 At the beginning, they had a "mixer" thing where we each were given a paper with five things and had to find people who matched those 5 things (wearing red lipstick, wears a size 8 shoe, went to Paris, etc). This was fun since we got to start mingling and stop being weirdos in the corner. And my friend was the 3rd to finish her paper, so she won a gift bag of makeup brushes & skincare stuff!

Anyways, the first lady we talked to just "un-veiled" (pun intended) her Nail Veils! Her company is Chronicle Stones, and my friend and I got to be her first customers. Here she is wearing a pinky Nail Veil with a dangling stone:

They had a panel discussion on how your blog & social media can help boost your views, followers, customers, etc. And people were able to ask questions. Of course I didn't ask any, but they did give out some great advice.
the Panel
 After the discussion, we hit up the table that Cult Nails had their display at, so I could buy some polishes! I took pics, and told Juan that it was for MUA :)
Cult Nails display

Myself & Juan of Cult Nails
 And what's crazy? I got to meet Maria! We talked quite a bit about Makeup Alley, and her business, and all sorts of things really. I was such a fangirl but she (and Juan) were so friendly and nice! At the end of the night, they even invited my friend and I to join them (and Phyrra & a few others) for dinner. Can you believe it? It's crazy to practically idolize someone & her business, and buy her creations - and then to hang out with her & her husband! Mind = blown.
Myself & Maria of Cult Nails!

Maria (red), Phyrra (blue gradient) and my NOTDs!
 And the almost best part? (Since hanging out all night with them was the best part, of course!) They loaded me up with polish! Here's everything I came home with:
Captivated, Annalicious, Quench, Untamed

Time Traveler, Let Me Fly, Awakening, Manipulative

I Got Distracted, Deal With It, Hypnotize Me, Blackout

Wicked Fast top coat & Cult Nails nail file

Here's all the loot, including the bag they give you when you purchase something.
 The next day, I just had to test out my Nail Veil, which I applied with a couple drops of topcoat (but keep in mind, this won't keep it on; just enough for the picture!)

NOTD: Cult Nails Clairvoyant over Verity Deep Violet
Needless to say, I had a blast, and so did my friend. It was definitely worth the 3 hour drive.. and also inspired me to finally put more effort into blogging. I mean, I upload so many photos to post on Makeup Alley, why not just stop being lazy and post them here, too? So hopefully you'll notice a huge difference in how often I blog, from now on. I can't wait to post pics when I wear my new Cult Nails polishes!

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