July 18, 2012

Chronicle Stones' Nail Veils!

A friend and I recently drove 3 hours to Orlando to attend the "Let's Talk Beauty" event, featuring notable bloggers and businesses in the beauty industry. While I was there, my friend and I spoke to the woman who runs Chronicle Stones, and she was debuting her new Nail Veils!

They are so neat - they are made of metal and are re-usable nail jewelry, if you will. They can be attached with nail glue or set into gel polish (heck yeah!) and acetone won't affect it at all. You can clean it up with rubbing alcohol, too. I was the first customer, can you believe it? She literally JUST got them in the day before!
This is Sue Laing, creator of the Nail Veil, showing off the gold bronze pinky with a dangle.

Keep in mind, in my photos I did not properly apply the veil; I was only "trying it on" so I used a couple drops of top coat to hold it on, but of course it wasn't secure. I am in fact, in LOVE with it. I can't wait to have a special occasion to rock this at! Once I do wear it for a night out, I will take more pictures and write a proper review!

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