May 19, 2012

Newest storage solution: Helmer!

I didn't realize  that I never posted my newest stash organization solution.. a real Helmer, from Ikea! For my birthday (April 10th...) we went to Orlando to see my favorite band, Cursive. But as part of my birthday present, we went to Ikea the next day - since we stayed overnight in Orlando (in the same hotel that we... ahem... conceived Moosh lol). N actually enjoyed Ikea, like I thought he would!
Here she is! the gray Ikea Helmer
I chose gray because it went best with the decor. Oh yeah, that reminds me - I've never shown what our new bedroom set looks like! I told you, I fail as a blogger! Anyways, here it is drawer-by-drawer (keep in mind, I have about 30 more polishes now, and I've also rearranged some things.)

China Glaze, OPI, Indies (don't I need more Lynnderellas??)
Drugstore polishes (Revlon, Sally Hansen, Pure Ice, Wet n Wild, etc)
Salon & Specialty brands (Orly, Zoya, Essie, FingerPaints, LA Girl/Forever 21, Hard Candy, etc)
Nail polish supplies - top/base coats, swaps, nail wheels, thinner, etc.
Franken supplies!
Extra makeup that I don't use everyday. I've thrown out 2 of those organizers worth of makeup, since this pic!
So there you have it. And can you believe it - I hit 201 polishes yesterday?? And I still have more coming.. including another Lynnderella, and some other stuff from Llarowe. And tons of glitter for my franken ideas!

I will have to take pics and share my new bedroom and home decor... Eventually, haha!

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